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Morpheus 8


Everything about Morpheus 8

Morpheus 8 is the name of a microneedling device which, by the help of radio frequency energy, reshapes and sculpts the face and body. This is called the subdermal adipose remodeling and the fractional treatment of Morpheus 8 goes deep in the skin and fats. This effect gives rise to a sleek and shiny look. 

How It Works?

The fractional resurfacing in the Morpheus 8 induces the production of collagen. It focuses on the deepest layer of the skin. A natural anti-aging procedure is triggered by the building blocks. No damage is done to the dermis layer and a uniform effect is offered by the Morpheus 8 treatment. Morpheus 8 can be utilized on all parts which can get advantage from subdermal rejuvenation. 

The wrinkles, acne, pimples and discoloration displaying anywhere on the face or body are appropriate for the Morpheus 8 treatment. Most people get this treatment on their neck, face and abdomen. In these parts of the body, loose skin is tightened along with the underlying fatty tissue. 


Need Of Morpheus 8

When we start to age, the skin starts to lose sufficient storage of elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid which are the most common when one is young. This allows the appearance of wrinkles, elasticity and an elimination of skin volume due to which the skin starts to sag. When the aging process starts, people want to slow down the sagging and wish to have the same younger and smooth skin. 

A lot of nonsurgical methods have been introduced in the recent past to combat the skin related conditions for anyone who is not okay with surgical procedures. The microneedling process induces narrow punctures or tiny lesions on the upper layer of skin to trigger the healing and a boost in the production of elastin, collagen and new skin cells. 

Why Morpheus 8 Is Effective?

Morpheus 8 blends the two innovations of radio frequency energy and microneedling to give the thermal energy by radio frequency waves in the deep part of the skin and tissue. This blending permits radio frequency energy to enter the dermis and epidermis layers for the best effect. 

The device of Morpheus 8 is approved by FDA as a Subdermal Adipose Remodeling Device as compared to the traditional microneedling processes. This treatment can adjust the super thin microneedles to the depth of 4 mm which is the most deep any device can go. When Morpheus 8 is utilized in microneedling with radio frequency energy, it treats the conditions of inferior skin texture, wide pores, scars left by acne, sun damage, deep creases and mild sagging. 



The number of treatments required depends on patient to patient. Some patients can get fruitful results in 1 to 3 sessions whereas other patients choose a series of sessions carrying on for some months. The side effects are not severe and they usually disappear after a few days. These include redness, bruises, swelling. A few patients also reported small micro lesions on the skin formed due to the microneedling which gets dry and falls after a few days. 

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