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Benefits of Cupping Therapy


Cupping Therapy

For South Orange County - San Juan Capistrano 

Cupping Therapy has been used by health practitioners since ancient times. The Greeks, Egyptians and Chinese all practiced forms of cupping 3000 years ago.

Dry Cupping is the type most commonly seen in the United States today, and is what we use here at Prestige Med.

Cupping Therapy is a modality used for treating painful musculoskeletal issues. The known benefits to Dry Cupping are pain and inflammation reduction, a sedation of the nervous system, an increase of circulation to the treated area, a softening of adhesions and stiff connective tissue, drainage of toxins and waste from the lymphatic system and the ability to impact deeper, more hard-to-reach muscles and other soft tissues. Therefore, it can help with a variety of conditions . 


Dry Cupping at Prestige Med is done by applying plastic suction cups to skin that is either dry or to which lotion has been applied. The lotion allows the practitoner  to glide the suction cup over the affected area providing a form of deep tissue massage. The suction is achieved by putting a small, manually-operated suction pump on a valve which is attached to each suction cup. The practitoner  can control the amount of suction used. Multiple cups can be applied at one time to a painful or stiff area and are left on the skin anywhere from 5-20 minutes. Stretching exercises AKA active range of motion exercises can be utilized as well while the cups are applied.

When the cups are removed, the skin treated will have red circular areas that correspond to the diameter of the cup. This is the residual effect of the treatment – these red areas are temporary and will subside quickly over 2 or 3 days. 


Skin: Improved metabolism in skin tissue, better functioning of sebaceous and sweat glands, improved healing and improved skin resistance.[19]

Muscles: Stimulates blood flow and lymphatic drainage.

Joints: Increased blood flow and secretion of synovial fluid.

Digestive system: Increased peristalsis and secretion of digestive fluids, better digestion and excretion.

Blood: Improved blood circulation, improved functioning of RBC and WBC.

Nervous System: Stimulates sensory nerves of skin, Improves ANS.

Side Effects

Cupping is a low-risk therapy. The side effects will typically occur during your treatment or immediately after. Lightheadedness or dizziness, sweating or nausea may be experienced.

After treatment, the skin around the rim of the cup may become irritated and marked in a circular pattern.



We proudly provide Cupping Therapy Services  all of South Orange County, San Juan Capistrano, San Clemente, Dana Point, Laguna Niguel, Mission Viejo, Rancho Mission Viejo, Coto De Caza, Trabuco Canyon, Laguna Beach,Laguna Hills, Lake Forest and Irvine.  

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