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QWO® Specialist

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Joseph Mardanzai, MD

Aesthetic Specialist & Internal Medicine Physician located in San Ramon, CA & San Juan Capistrano, CA

QWO® cellulite treatment is the first and only FDA-approved injectable for treating and reducing cellulite in the buttocks in women, a common and stubborn area of cellulite. Unlike other invasive surgical treatments that reduce the appearance of cellulite, QWO is minimally invasive, safe and requires little downtime. Treating cellulite and creating a smooth, dimple-free backside is easier than ever with the introduction of this cutting-edge treatment.

QWO® Cellulite Treatment

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is a very common condition that affects up to 90% of women regardless of their size or weight and makes areas of fat on the skin appear lumpy and dimpled. There are many factors that can affect a woman’s cellulite development, including low-grade inflammation, genetics, hormonal changes and areas of restricted blood flow.

The dimpling of cellulite is caused by fibrous septae underneath the skin. Cellulite appears when areas of the skin (commonly around the buttocks, thighs and hips) are pulled down to deeper tissue levels, creating an uneven and bumpy surface. The pulling on the skin creates a hardening of the connective fibrous septae, which is made of collagen. The septae begins to harden and contract over time and eventually leads to lymphatic blockage in the blood vessels, producing the caved in, dimpled appearance of cellulite.

How does QWO work to reduce cellulite?

QWO cellulite treatment (collagenase clostridium histolyticum-aaes) works by addressing the underlying cause of cellulite. During the treatment, an active enzyme called collagenase is injected directly into the targeted area (the cellulite dimple), which initiates a process called Enzymatic Subcision and Remodeling (ESR). This process releases the septae (that is responsible for cellulite dimples) while simultaneously stimulating collagen production, resulting in firmer and smoother skin.

Is QWO safe to treat cellulite?

QWO is a generally safe, effective, FDA-approved treatment. Mild side effects of QWO are injection site-related and typically include bruising and sensitivity in the treatment area. Side effects are temporary and do not affect the outcome of the treatment.

What areas can be treated by QWO?

As of now, QWO is only FDA-approved to reduce cellulite in the buttocks of women.

How long does a QWO cellulite treatment take?

Typically, the appointment will take thirty minutes or less, depending on the severity of the treated area and the number of injections needed.

Is there downtime?

There is little downtime required with QWO; the treatment is non-surgical and does not require any general anesthesia. You can return to your normal daily activities after the treatment. However, we advise you not to perform any strenuous activities for a couple of days following the treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

QWO requires 3 treatments, 21 days apart (43 days total). Each treatment may include up to two treatment areas (up to 12 dimples per buttock).

How long until you can see the results?

After the third treatment, patients will see the maximum results 28 days later.

How long do QWO results last?

The results from QWO can last from one to five years and varies depending on the patient.

How do I know if I am a candidate?

As of now, QWO is only FDA-approved for women. If you are experiencing stubborn fat on the buttocks, you may be a good candidate for QWO.

During a complimentary QWO consultation, you will meet with our expert Medical Staff where we go over your medical history, talk about your concerns and let you know what type of results you can expect from QWO.